Who is AJ?

I am a masculine man in my 40s, friendly, mature and educated; clients often tell me the first thing they notice is how approachable I am which helps them enjoy the experience from the very beginning.

Becoming a professional masseur is something I have come into a bit later in life having worked for many years in the hospitality and travel sectors. It’s a passion I did not know I possessed until I started my training with Colin Richards at intimacymatters.co.uk.

For me a healthy lifestyle has always been key to a happy life and I have found that massage is a great tool, along with diet and exercise, to ensure both physical and mental well being. I currently work out 5 days a week with a mixture of weight training, cycling and running; I have been eating a plant based diet since 2019. I am always striving to be at my peak and be the best that I can be in both body and soul!

Naturism is also another passion of mine. I find it very freeing and sensual without being sexual. I especially like being in the company of other naked men; its incredibly bonding with an almost spiritual dimension.

The type of massage I practice is the perfect marriage of all these things and creates the most wonderful connection. From feedback I have received it’s what clients tell me they like the most about our time together and helps it stand out from their past experiences.