Spotlight on Colin Richards

Thinking of a career change or diversifying from practicing traditional massage? Well look no further than Colin Richards at

What you can expect 

Colin runs a variety of courses and classes as you will discover when you visit his site at the link above. As I was looking to practice Sensual Massage professionally, I signed up to his 20 hour workshop which can be completed to fit in with your schedule. In my case we split the duration over 5/6 sessions and a period of approximately one month. This was a nice gentle pace which gave time to absorb learning and to practice in between coaching days. 

From the moment I signed up, Colin’s communication was great and he worked around my availability and timings. I was a little nervous at first and unsure of myself. However Colin  puts you at ease straight away with his professionalism and nurturing nature. 

Before each session started he set aside time to cover the day ahead, learning for that day, a wash up from the previous time and answer any queries and concerns. He ensured that he arranged two practice models for every session. All of them were well selected, easy to work with and a real variety so that you gained a realistic experience of how day to day massage would be. Having said that all the models were in great shape so that you could really practice sensual massage techniques to their full potential! 

Colins coaching style is very hands on. No pun intended! To begin with, you follow his lead, working with him as part of a four hands massage on practice clients. As I gained confidence Colin stepped away to let me perform massages on my own but he was there every step of the way in case I needed support. By the end of our time together Colin was able to leave me to my own devices trusting me to deliver the premium experience that his clients expect. 

He was extremely motivating throughout which is really valuable when you are learning something completely new! I didn’t have any previous experience in massage so this was especially welcome.

In your last session Colin shares his vast experience and knowledge in setting up a business and enables you with lots of tools so you can start practicing and making an income straight away. And the support doesn’t end there. Of course there were queries and the odd teething problem in the early stages of setting up my business and Colin was happy to advise if I sent him a quick email.

Earning potential 

Well let’s just say I am very happy with the revenue I have generated so far. In my first month I covered the cost of the 20 hour work shop, my massage table and accessories. I am not sure how businesses can say they have covered their costs in a month! 

I am so confident in the success of the business that I commissioned Fraser Renton at to build this website to help the business grow. Now  I have a shop window to my new business after just three months of practicing what Colin has taught me. I feel immensely proud of what I have achieved and very thankful that I threw caution to the wind and just went for it! 

My advice if you are thinking of a career in sensual massage whether it’s full or part time to supplement an income, Colin Richards is your man.